Simple ideas with our tableware and homewares

Hello Cotton and Clay followers,

We love all of our products and try to use as many as we can in our homes (well as budget allows ha) so we thought we would share our ideas with you.

Let us start our first chat using our flax large bowl and flax jug (pictured here in white).


I love using the flax tableware with its unusual matt finish and rustic shapes, it tends to add a homeliness to the food I serve.

Our large flax bowl is a good size for an individual salad or a shared salad for 2. The flax bowl comes in a small size too for individual salads or if you are not keen on too much salad we have a dip bowl size as well.  


For a simple salad, I cut up anything I have on hand:

Cos lettuce (shredded or finely sliced)

Cucumber (deseeded and sliced)

Red capsicum (diced)

Orange, red, yellow tomatoes (quartered or halved depending on size)

Radish (finely sliced)

Avocado (sliced)

Beansprouts (if I have some on hand)

Red onion (finely sliced)


Dressing - experiment with different oils and vinegars. There are so many to choose from (avocado oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil). Just remember 3 to 1 ratio for oil to vinegar, this is my basic go to vinaigrette.


1 tbs Dijon mustard

½ cup Balsamic vinegar

1 clove Garlic (crushed or finely minced)

1 ½ cups of Oil – I usually use a good extra virgin olive oil

Fine sea salt and cracked pepper


I use our flax bowls for so many different foods from stir fry vegetables, assorted greens and fruit salads to a combination of nuts and chocolate to share (or not) - I have trouble sharing my pistachios, almonds, cranberries and white chocolate mix. This mix looks good in the large bowl but should probably be served in the dip size bowl to stop temptation.

Before I finish my first blog I must tell you that the flax jug is great for serving maple syrup with your yummy pancakes …yep that could be another blog.


Until we chat again………   Wendy, Cotton and Clay


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Jeanette Brook

Wendy, thanks for the recipes you’ve shared with us. I will definitely be trying them out on my hubby, they sound luscious. :)

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